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11-23 Class Notes CS 107 - See the video...

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Today's class is a video lecture, with the links to the different sections shown below. The additional documents listed under the 11-22 date are the notes that accompany the videos for today's lecture. Announcements: Building a linked list Last Time: More detailed explanation on why we make main() chain off to a non-static method, such as doIt(). See the video: www.youtu.be/bqtEPwzMCeM Linked Lists in Java online video, along with time markers for the different sections.
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Unformatted text preview: See the video: www.youtu.be/ZoY2VYAvnlE Intuition (0:00) Building a linked list (14:36) Reversing a linked list recursively (27:28) Reversing a linked list iteratively (50:22) Video is 57:05 minutes long. Note that if you understood the intuition during class, then you can skip the first 14 minutes. Today: 11-23 Class Notes CS 107 Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9:10 PM CS 107 Fall 2011 Page 1...
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