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1_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011

1_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 - U y =...

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Lecture 1 Review of Geostatic Stresses Unit Weights Yw = unit weight of water Ym = moist unit weight of unsaturated soil Ysat = unit weight of saturated soil y' = "effective" unit weight of soil = (Ysat - Yw) if soil saturated = Y m if soil not saturated = Yb' "buoyant" unit weight of soil Geostatic Stresses (due to the soil's own weight) Review concept of stress at a point (P): Total Vertical Str~s: U
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Unformatted text preview: U y = LYi~ Y m orYslll as appropriate (= cr.) > • ~ster Pressur~: u = Yv7-w hydrostatic (no flow) (u o initial condition) or u = yvJlp general, h p = pressure head (flow net) • VertJcatE~ve Stres~ u' y = u y-U granUlar contact stress • . ~-!-~ve Stress: u'h = Kcr'y K =coefficient of lateral stress /...
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