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Ilmme(llate Sell ement Case II: p4 tpading-on tb-e Sufface of a Com-p-ressible Soil (Clay) Onaerlain By a Rigid Bounaary (Roc or Dense Sand) B q H E,fl ...2. I:J =0 (c '0) UB = 2, < = 0 UB = 2, u = 0 UB = 3, < = 0 UB = 3, u = 0 H/B = 1.0 '·n 0.1 ~ 0.[1 v'1i H/B = 1.5 I,D~ D·1<, J. fl. I. (11. Rigid Boundary ~ Table P2 provides C's value under the center of flexible footings. (If the clay layer is very thick relative to the dimensions of the loaded area, then can use Case I, Cs.) o The solution depends on the boundary conditions assumed at the interface between the upper elastic layer and the lower rigid layer: 1. <~ 0' The horizontal shear stresses acting at the rigid boundary interface are [" ~o) assumed zero and the upper elastic material can slide freely in a horizontal direction at the boundary, i.e. a smooth, unweathered interiace No horizontal displacement of the elastic material at any point along the boundary of the two layers. I.e. sufficient shear resistance is developed at
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