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Consolidation Settlement: Recall that the settle. e esive soii under load IS mo':!ly due to consoli atlon: P=p;lfl,.le~ p Time --- J---- ---- .... _._- ....... - p15 where p = total settlement Pi = immediate settlement p, = (primary) consolidation settlement p, = secondary compression (creep) 1----------::::;:]::. . Primary Consolidation: a soil is a three phase system (soil-water-air) o cohesive soils (clays) have a low fluid conductivity o water is essentially incompressible o an external load applied to a (saturated) clay is initially supported by an increase in water pressure (L\u > 0) without volume change (L\e = 0) o
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Unformatted text preview: o consolidation is therefore time-dependent o if the soil has previously experienced a stress greater lhan lhe applied load (I.e Overconsolidation Ratio - pc I cr', > 1), the volume change will be reduced a Fluid-Filled Cylinder with Spring Analogy: P = PSPRING + PWATER (A) (B) (:"'1 . .',\:6,;.\\ \ L". ....d 11011".1 PSPRING =0 PSPRING =0 PWATER =0 PWATER =P lw = PIA (C) p ... r\'. ...\ c.. ",s(>~ij.J;o" P > PSPRING > P> PWATER > L\u < PIA (0) r..... 11 (Dl\So\i". . . ~it'lV\ PSPRING = P PWATER = a...
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