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p23 Lightly Over-consolidated (LOC): Virgin Curve with Slope Cc (= Compression index) Void Ratio, e fl.-c.kJ '-I 51'/e c.... (: L,(~f"<~):!» - ~Jt-> ) f ~f~_c __ ,- I -1---------1-- 'I ! •. I t.ov I Log Vertical Effective '--~---'---~---- Stress, o'v 0'0 Consolidation occurs in two steps: 1) M, along the reload curve to o'c --> t.H, 2) M, along the virgin curve to 0', --> t.H, step 1: step 2: and finally: ~ CH J (0' J (C H J (0' 1'110 J Pc = PCI
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Unformatted text preview: + PC2 =-'-log-+ + Clog 0, v 1 + eo a 1 + eo (J c (LOC) As for NC clays, we use a layer concept, computing the stress change at the center of sub-layers, then calculating and summing the average consolidation for each sub-layer. Use the settlement equation (NC, HOC or LOC) appropriate for the stress change in each sub-layer: " Pc = LPc; ;,,1...
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