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44_CEG 4012 Notes - p27 SUMMARY OF SETTLEMENT CALCULATIONS Define Initial Stresses a Total Stress Pore Water Pressure Effective Stress a Must

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p27 SUMMARY OF SETTLEMENT CALCULATIONS Define Initial Stresses: a Total Stress, Pore Water Pressure, Effective Stress a Must define the state of stress prior to loading a The behavior of soils is governed by effective stress (thank you Karl Terzaghi) Define Stress Change Due to Load: a Load is applied at a point or pressure applied over an area a Model soil as iinear-elastic, homogenous and isotropic a Boussinesq solutions for various shaped ioads (influence factor x ioad) a FEM solutions possible but require extensive soil property characterization and knowledge of field variability (i.e. after assumptions may not be any better) p Define Settlement Due to Load, CLAYS: o Immediate, PI a Small movement, occurs quickly a Movement due to distortion (zero volume change) o Uses Boussinesq stress solutions a Model soil as linear-elastic and isotropic a Affected by shape and stiffness of footing, PI = infiuence factor x load o Consolidation, Pc a Movement can be large, occurs over time, due to voiume (void ratio, e) change
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