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p34 Degree of Consolidation (U) vs. Depth (z): a'u au Terzaghi's 1-0 consolidation equation: c v ~ = at may be solved numerically for given initial and boundary conditions to find the excess pore pressure U,.I (read "u as a function of the depth z and time t"). A depth plot connecting values of u'-\ for a specific time t is called an "isochrone" (literally "same time"). The typical initial condition at t=O is a uniform u"o = Uo (Case 1). The normal boundary conditions are UO.I = 0 and UH.I = 0 (double drainage). For a consolidating layer of thickness H with double drainage we may plot the excess pore pressure UZ,I vs. depth z, and show isochrones of UZ,1 for a given times of t:
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