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pas6 o Differential Settlement .) --- Curvature affects the structure itself and damage depends on magnitude and rate. For slow settlement of flexible structure, creep and yield may reduce overall damage. (Footing rigidity important.) !:1 = PMAX - PMIN Angular distortion = '" 1 L = (PMAX - PMIN) 1 L I CLAY I .~.I'-==-+-- I SAND I Limits based on study of various structures: Ll/L Structural Observation 1/5000 0.0002 No Damage 1/300 0.0033 Cosmetic Damage 1/150
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Unformatted text preview: 0.0067 Structural Damage 1/10 0.1000 Limiting Factors Maximum Differential Settlement High continuous 0.0005L to 0.001 OL brick walls One story brick 0.001 L to 0.020L buildings, wall cracking Plaster cracking 0.001 L Reinforced concrete 0.0025L to 0.0040L frame Reinforced concrete 0.003L curtain walls Steel frame, continuous 0.002L Simple steel frame 0.005L from Sowers (1962)...
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