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Cathead X5 Borings and Test Pits (visually identify soil, sampling, prepare borehole for special tests) o Test Pits are usually dug with a backhoe, but can be dug by hand with a shovel. Pits allow visual inspection of stratification, soil fabric, fissures and consistency. Usually 10-50 ft long (must be backfilled and recompacted when finished). Can obtain high quality block samples for testing. May also use pocket penetrometer or torvane to estimate undrained shear strength, Cu. Pits are typically shallow «6 ft deep) to avoid shoring, but may be deeper if protected from collapse or not entered. o Hand Borings may be performed using a hand auger or post hole diggers. Post holes are limited to length of handles (-5 ft). Hand augers are seldom used below about 15 ft because of the difficulty in handling rods (but with effort may get 100 ft). Below water table must introduce fluid to maintain an open hole. Samples are disturbed and suitable only for classification (sieve analysis and Atterberg limits)
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