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X8 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) - ASTM 01586-99 standardized sampling technique o Size of sampler is standardized. sample at bottom of borehole. "Split spoon" sampler may opened for sample removal. Sampler is robust but provides highly disturbed sample (A r = 110%). Samples suitable for Atterberg Limits, grain size and visual classification only. Total weight 67 N (I S Ib) Rat, (or wrench Center section, split lengthwise Water porls Thread ror wash pipe 1--------813mm(2 ft 8 in.)--------f Gow-type split-spoon sampler used in standard penetration test. (Figures from Bowles, 1996) ff---+-X (c) Donut or center-hole hammer. Auvil or drive bead a u l o I I ( I I I ( I ~ :a I I Q II (Q) Early style "pinweight'" hammer. o Sampler is driven instead of pushed. Use 140 Ib (63.5 kg) hammer with a 30" drop and drive sampler 18". Hammer styles vary. Safety hammer most common. Automatic hammers (usually chain driven) are becoming more common.
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