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Friction lice. .. (l50c:m 1 ) Cone and manl1e ~ on ... X12 \ _ ~\.q9l!~ 1)'-. ... FOR:ll 10 CXICle FoR:C to sloe. 3S.7mm-l I- (10 c:mJ).v.::~ ~ J 6tt'( .'(' t' IS (I yt'l" Force 10 IIee¥o Fo"", to cone 6 e ~ ..; .... 1 Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Soundings o "Quasi-Static" penetration test (see ASTM 03441 and 06067) o Standardized apex angle of bearing point (600), 10 cm 2 cross sectional area (35.7 mm diameter), 150 cm 2 area on friction sleeve, and rate of penetration 2 em/sec o Developed by Dutch - originally used mechanical cone tip (right) with dual rod system (inner rods to push only CPT tip and friction sleeve). Now use electronic tip with strain gauges (left). (figure from Spangler & Handy, 1982) o Watch out for poor electronic cones - subject to strain gage drift, lead effects, and interference (EFI, RFI). Use only reliable manufacturers (Hogentogler, GMF, Fugro, Vertek) o Good profiling tool - data every 5 em depth increment.
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