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86_CEG 4012 Notes - Settlement t o/JItimate"Bearlng Capacity(quJ theAle.aIing§tress a which1here usually a general shear failure • Factors

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BC1 BEARING CAPACITY: (BC) Recalll/1e requiremenlsofo(:a satisfaclory foundation: 1. F ture· fluences (frost, shrink-swell clay, sinkholes, etc.) 2. Bearing capacity failurEl,(catastrophic, not very common in modern times) 3. Excessive selliements (long term, still a too-frequent problem) Bearing Capacity Design Criteria: Bearing Stress, qs a BeaFing Stress (q.j-the bearing=stre=tually-apjjliec to orce per unit area (Oe)A)·. o Allowable Bear ng Stress (q,iJ . me Bearing-stress usee as a design limit~fte-r c-orfsideration orstability:;failure criteria, ~yerin\Fand va,iability, influence of other q, structures/footings, and risk tolera"ce -typically divide th", q" q" u timate 5earing capacfVby-aiaclor of s·afety (E.S,"", 3)·. o Local Shear Bearing Capacity (q"J . the bearing stress at which local shear failure occurs, typically where the bearing stress vs. movement plot becomes significantly nonlinear.
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Unformatted text preview: Settlement, t!. o '/JItimate"Bearlng Capacity (quJ- theAle.aIing§tress a which1here isccatastrophiccmovement, usually a general shear failure • Factors Affecting Mode of BC Failure: o Depth of embedment, 0, o Stiffness or relative density, 0, = ( em~ _-e )X100% sma!! em;., o Geometry of foundation (B/L), shape o Inclination or eccentricity of applied load • BC Failure Modes: q, , , , , , , , \ \ t!. \ \ Loose or I Soft Soil \ Dense or Stiff Soil o Ge.\r/. . l Sl.r"J (.,i j.,,'i" (~ •. ) . abrupt, sudden. Failure surface extends to ground surface (dense sand). o ~ ~:= Surface q, o . occurs slowly, with substantial settlement. Failure surface does not extend to ground surface. Progresses to general shear failure (medium compacted sand, clayey soil) o ~ , , , , , Failure Surface q, q"...
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