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87_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011

87_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 - BC2...

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o pl\l'fhi' 5\\1"., {",Iw( ( q ,.s) . - continuous punching failure and settlement with gradual increase in qs due to compaction (loose sands), more likely to occur at depth. Q + ~Iure Surface BC2 q, Circular foundations General shear \ Local , , Punching Relative density of sand Dr ° 0i- __ --,_.:.0j=.5_-,- __----=;I.O Long rectangular ..... _l-lfoundatlons IOL- .L- . ..J local shear failure (or punching), q, will occur at 6 = (15-25%) x B general shear failure, q, will occur at 6= (4-10%) x B (figure by Vesic, 1963) o Estimate type of failure from geometry & 0,: Prd$'''. ('.,1,,'(. . i.e> ,,(! - D Terzaghi Bearing Capacity (1943): B.C. still a real problem in Terzaghi's era, Prandtl B.C. (1920) for metals assumed weight forces small compared to material strength o Depth of foundation ~ width (Le. 0, ~ B) o Rough bottom, foundation does not slide o homogeneous, semi·infinite, isotropic soil mass
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