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- - BCB Effect of Ground Water Table: The Terzaghi analysis above assumes GWT is far below the foundation, i.e. greater than a depth of B below footing. (d" B where d is depth to GWT below footing). ;(\S-lilng11s:t,~e .... G J table 's at east B below the~o_o.Jing, then use the paltially. .saturate.cL\@!!J_e,1m. If the G.WI is:higher, then y. must be used for long term (eltective stress) analys.es. a If 0-<-8 ut still below the footing: Then must modify Yin Ny part of BC equation. This y comes from the passive pressure and represents the average y just below the footing (over a depth = B). B d 1 . d ( 'J replace ywith = B[Ymd+Y'(B-d)l=~ Of B Ym-Y where "i=YbOOyarll=Yb=(Ysal-'¥W) B Ym y' note if d = 0 ifd"B then have water at base of foundation and :y = y' then have water at depth and Y = Ym Then must also modify
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