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BC18 a, W, ·;,:{,·;,,···;'.\·'I:· " ;.. .;'.':/,.,':,.~. ',y. W .- ~ W .', 0, a The bearing capacity (a,) calculated using the foregoing equations is that of the soil at the depth of the footing. a The load applied at the depth of the footing includes the structural ioad (a,), the weight of the footing itselt (W,), and the weight of any soii immediately above the footing (W,). Since the unit weight of a typical concrete footing is not too different from soil, the weight terms are often grouped together approximately as follows: W = (WI + W s ) :::: 'YsoilDrA where 'A = fonting area Q -unfactored surcftarge at Ole fOOting oepth (0,) for a S9il of u it eight ,,'" a The net load capacity (a,,,) then is the ultimate capacity less the weight load. Gl",,= Gl, W - (0, - qA) a The aliowable load capacity (a,) is the net capacity divided by a factor of safety: _ -- = a, -qA >0 and q = q,,, = q, -q;,q (~~ ..y"ical,) ,-~ FS - , 'FS
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