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C.t"lJrl"f~U DF1 DEEP FOUNDATIONS: 4~1. .' ,f. ",",v"" J ... ~..,-,T""T( (B>';;')'-=---=-:-:l Types of Deep Foundations: 1I-"eU o Prefabricated - usually driven, concrete, steel, timber, composite o Cas/·in Place Concrete· drilled shafts, bored piles, high capacily, low vibration a Caissons - prefabricated box sunk into ground down to bearing stratum (Brooklyn Bridge), rarely used now, often confused with drilled shaftslrt:d. Of J''l"~~) o Specialty· auger cast, pressure injected, mandrel-driven thin shell, step taper, anchors , ...'>(1 c~, .L. .. 10 \ Categorize Based on Resistance and Load: o Axial Load - compression (most common) or tension/uplift (towers, anchors, overturn) o Lateral Load - walls, bridge piers, wharves o End Bearing ("bearing") - often rock at tip, side shear may be small o Eloatirl ty.pically ;):50% of r.e-sistanc'e in side Sheaf o Most piles tlave €0mblnation 01 end bearing and side silear resistance'
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Unformatted text preview: p. +H p. <,-H p. P. H <-H 1 1 1 Soft soil witll cOmp€!lem bearing SOilUI great depth '''" U .:. .~; '" t Skin resistance tproduees major part of p. ~ommon p /' to neglect , (b) Group or single pile ~ noaling" in soil mass. t t Common tto neglect 1 1 1 ~ofi ...... ,~:.;:, .".,. .... '~ Rock. or hard la :~/ i" r>w T "11' (0) Group and singJe pile on rock or very firm soil stratum. t f'l-Swelling or ~ consoHdaling layer f p. 1 (eo) Pile penetrating below a soil layer that swells (shown) or consolidates. ~ 1 T. (II) Tension pile. p H {el Offshore pile group. Figure 16-1 Typical pile configurations. Nole that. whereas analysis is often for a single pile. there. are usually three or more in agroup. Typical assumptions for analysis are shown. Lateral load H may not be present In (a) or (b). (tigure from Bowles, 1996)...
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