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114_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011

114_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 - =...

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DF4 1. Static Analysis: approximate, McCarthy (1998) and USACOE (1993) General Equation: where: p. Q Q, W f, dA, q, AI = nima (~ja:J)Pile capacib = re1l,stancejilong pi e s n·"a,cucoe·to~s·iae s~ea( often dominates cam!city of l1i1esjn claY' = toe resistance due to end bearing, often dominates capacity of piles in sand = pile weight (buoyant weight if soil saturaled) = unit side shear on "pile skin" ~p::-diZ.::=:perimeter: (or surtace area per.:font)::X-de-pth-incr.emenh, (p_c4B for square section, p ="2nR = 1t8 for circula.-seetion~ = unit end bearing on toe 2 ireular=-nH 6 2 /4:) (projected area, normal to pile axis, may include a plug) o General Equation: If s = Co + Kcr'v tan iii (aka mohr-coulomb failure criteria) where: c, a Cu. c' K = adhesion between pile and soil = aCu or ac' = ratio between adhesion and soil cohesion (c a I c u ) or (c a I c') = mohr-coulomb cohesion intercept (undrained or drained)
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Unformatted text preview: = ·Iaterabpressure coellicient=(o';#ov = horizontal ellective stress adjacent 10 pile = vertical effective stress adjacent to pile = friction angle at soil-pile interiace (pile material and soil ~) o Simas rcoNesionless.' c = c, = so '" I .{. = KQ"; an 51 ST[P (drained, effective stress behavior for static capacity, short and long term) Dc-------Critical Depth,D, toose eense Relative Density can InterQolate etween 9,= 8 at=~ ~30' 0:8= 2.48 at ~ , a'y = yz effective vertical stress, cr'y lt~asj)_e~e~Oc0bser:ved that I e liv i I/horizonta II tivacs_uessesJnCleaSE> until"eaching SOffie crilical depth and then emain elatively ons anl"'s greater depths a~s <shown:at rigllt. The critical depth is a function of the sand's relative density. (Apply 0, to drained analyses Depth, of silts and mixed soils also.) z...
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