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0-' " - 0.' v DF5 o Sands: (continued) C5mmon-K'Values'fo!',[l;;\llfn-Pile-s'" , 'FiI01P SOil'Wpe" J3isplac·emenf -Qisplacement' Rile E!iles~ Sand 2.00- 1.50 Silt ""'25 ,LOa €Iay 1.25~ \.Q.o The lateral pressure coefficient K is a function of the insitu stresses, soil type, pile size, and pile type (displacement or non·displacement). K should be greater than the insitu coefficient, K, = (1 - sin$).JOCR , but less than the passive failure, K p . The table at left gives commonly used values, but these values should be verified by field test. o 0.5 1.5 Undrained Shear Strength, c" ksf (cohesion, friction, drained, long term) (For NC so,l f, - c,) o Clays and Sills, mixed soils: .rute·Malerial t5n'15' S (McCarthy, 1998) (USACDE, 1993) I Cfhe.-valrre"llFS oManS .concrete .M5. 0.90 to 1.00 ¢ ..r:epresents-:1he:frictio Timber 0740'" 0.80-1.00 $ ~Jficient between the ,oile.and.the.soil. The SteeF(Smoeth)- 0.20 table at left provides
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