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OF14 ~ Static Analysis Based on Insltu Measurements: CPT o CPT measures end bearing and side shear directly o Penetration is quasi-static, not dynamic - not a good pile model o several methods including LPC program and Schmertmann/Nottingham method o limited by penetration capability, piles usually driven into strong soil SPT o dynamic insertion of sampler is model pile, good basis for correlation o does not separate end bearing and side shear o bearing on sampler dominates in sand and side shear dominates in clays o possible to guess approximate ratio of side shear to end bearing based on soil type o several methods, FOOT Bulletin 121-A by Schmertmann (1967) calibrated against static load tests FB-Deep (Previously SPT97) Program (available from www.bsl-web.ce.ufl.edu) o program from FOOT Bulletin 121-B by Nottingham and Renfro (1967) o program updated by McVay, et al. at (1994) o pile capacity based on CPT soundings (UF, LCPC and Schmertmann methods) o side shear, f s vs. N and end
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Unformatted text preview: bearing, q vs. N based on soil type and pile type (concrete, H-pile, steel pipe pile) o N < 5 assigned N = 0, N > 60 assigned N = 60 o method based on == Nao (safety hammer), program will correct for automatic hammer, must correct for other hammer energy efficiencies o P u = Q s + QT -W DESIGN CHART - CONCRETE Pll.,ES ULTIMATE UNIT SIDE FRlcrION DESIGN CHART - CONCRETE PILES MOBILIZED UNIT END BEAlUNG 2.--------.------r-------. o 5~ .............................. 2.l.l.5. .................................... 4. .L.5. ....... ~........... , SPTBLOWCOUNrS. N 25 .c& SPT BLOWCOUNrS.N 80.--------:-----. ...,. ..-----. ~ f ..········_;h;,:.;=:t-- . .... ~ ~ ~ ! m I I I I I I I I I----------~----------~~---~ :SOU.nn:l, I I I I I u. ~ z o 1.5 ti if w c (i) t: z ::::) w i 5 . 5 ::::)...
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