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DF23 Another equation referred to as the Danish formula also yields results as reliable as any other equation's: (8.103) where E = hammer efficiency HE == rated hammer energy E, == modulus of elasticity of the pile material L == length of pile A" == area of the pile cross section (Note: The area of the soil plug, as shown in Figw"e 8.10b and 8.1Oc, should not be included) Consistent units must be used in Eq. (8.103). A factor of safety varying from 3 to 6 is recommended to estimate the allowable load·bearing capacity of piles. Other frequently used equations for pile driving are those given by the Pacific Coast Uniform Building Code (International Conference
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Unformatted text preview: of Building Officials, 1982) and byJanbu (1953). Pacific Coast Uniform Building Code Formula (EH.>(W R + nw,) Q _ W R + WI' 11-S QIIL +-AE (8.104) The value of n in Eq. (8.104) should be 0.25 for steel piles and 0.1 for all other piles. A factor of safety of 4 is generally recommended Janbu's Formula where K:, == CJ1 + Jl + ).IC~ , Clf == 0.75 + O.l5(W "IW ~ ). = (EH E LIA,E p S2) A factor of safety of 4 to 5 is generally recommended (8.105) . (8.106) (8.107) (8.108)...
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