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DF29 Field Load Tests o verify design capacity of pile a proof tests seek only design capacity x FS (may nol fail) o best to fail the test pile 10 assess capacity, settlement, and economy of design o mosl reliable is a static test to failure a cheapest is a dynamic test during driving (failure is implicit if pile penetrates) a <flew type-of statnamic test (failure is implicit if pile penetrates) p ~f a see ASTM D1143 a typically run quick tests: -20 loads to failure, 2:200% design capacity, hold each load 5 mins. o long term proof tests appropriate in special cases where secondary compression is a concern (soft clays) a typically use hydraulic
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Unformatted text preview: jacks to apply load a usually measure load with a load cell and measure movement with dial gages (redundant measurements provide quality control) o must set up load frame, can be expensive and dangerous at high loads o limited by reaction and jack capacity (very few> 1,000 tons) o need reaction: dead weight ("kentiedge") or reaction piles (interaction with lest pile? ASTM says minimum 56 clear) a flexible as to time, location, and type of test I Hydraulic Jack Beam~ • Static Load Tests a Conventional Top Load Tests ItCIlCliu ,...
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