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DF34 Statnamlc Tests (www.berminghammer.com, www.testpile.com/) o hybrid static-dynamic test, slowly gaining acceptance with static comparisons o load applied by "launching" reaction weights from pile using a propellant o several test set ups available - some use a catch device to stop reaction weights, some use gravel as a catch, some use water as weight o load starts as a wave, but duration Is long enough to briefly load entire pile o moving mass of pile included in calculations - see UPM (Unloading Point Method) o no reaction piles needed (but support required over water) o set up fairly quick, relatively easy transport of equipment o cheaper than conventional static test, competitive with O-cell o run several tests (4-5) in a day - increase load progressively to failure o load measured at top and along pile with load cells and accelerometers, movement measured using a laser target, data stored with a special high speed datalogger o axial loads, lateral loads (good for ship impactl) and entire footing loads o flexible as to time and location, no advance installation required o Applied Foundation
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Unformatted text preview: Testing in Green Cove Springs, FL does most US testing, Berminghammer Foundation Equipment in Ontario is main contractor o maximum load "'30 MN (3300 tons), smallest rated at 0.6 MN (67 tons) o world record axial test on US90 Bridge, Daytona Beach, FL, 1999, 34 MN (3,800 tons) • Factor of Safety o vary with site conditions o vary method of analysis o vary with type of loading: • "usual" loading: normal dead, live, wind load • "unusual" loading: infrequent floods, special maintenance, hurricane, barge impact, construction • "extreme" loading: accidental, natural disaster Minimum Factor of Safety-compression (ASCElUSACOE, 1993) Method of Capacity Loading Condition Determination Usual Unusual Extreme Theoretical Analysis 2.0 1.5 1.15 + static load test Theoretical Analysis 2.5 1.9 1.4 + dynamic load test Theoretical Analysis 3.0 2.25 1.7 (incl. wave equation)...
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