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DF33 Dynamic Tests (www.web.pile.com) o use a "pile driving analyzer" to measure force and velocity wave of each hammer blow during driving (usually near head) with bolt-on transducers - see ASTM 04945 o transducers mounted in pairs on opposing pile faces to average bending stresses o actually measure acceleration and integrate to get velocity, v = J a dt o actually measure strain and multiply by stiffness and area to get force (estimate dynamic stiffness - related to wave speed "c" which can be checked against time of toe reflection) 1 - P.lo tlnlting hammor Pilo head (b) Pile Oming Analylt~ (Pile Dynamics, Inc.) . "- . .. ---. __ .. , S1 • Sltain IrllflS(lucer (two total one on olKh side) AI. Accelcromtllof (two total, OM nth .kkt) All attached 10 pilei leU10 III ccmllletiol'l of lest (a) Schematic of equipment setup lor Pile Driving Analyzer$ test procedure to determine pile (;jI~;ly. o several manufacturers: Pile Dynamics, Inc. in Cleveland, OH, TNO in the Netherlands
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