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DF41 l;lrilled Shaft Advantages o .replace man~drlven piles, good moment capacity o reduces-vibrations and noise associated with driven piles o reasonably reliable design melhods o variable size up 10 about 10 II diameler and 200 II long o direct connection to structure o install through boulders, dense soils, rock lenses, and tills o materials and equipment easier to transport than precast elements o can inspecl soil/rock (alleasllype) as drilled oul and monilor penelration rales Drilled Shaft Disadvantages: o sensitive 10 co. .nstruction technique o requires good inspection effort to maintain design assumptions o risk of ground loss and collapse
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Unformatted text preview: o must contain and dispose of spoils and waste slurry o requires special equipment o actual shaft dimensions may be quite variable • Factor of Safety: (minimums) o Iypically use partial safely faclors: P a = Os + 0 1 • W where FS s = 2.0, FS. = 3.0 FS s FS I o also check overall ("global") faclor of safely Available Design Information Global Faclor of Safety, FS Sile Invesligation Axial Compression Sialic Tesl Soil Condifions Load Program Yes Uniform Extensive 2.0 Yes Erratic Average 2.5 No Uniform Extensive 2.5 No Uniform Average 3.0 No Erratic Extensive 3.0 No Erratic Average 3.5...
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