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175_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011

175_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 -...

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SL3 F N = Normal Force F jw --------L"'Ff'==T~=-:.S~~~~ ;~-r~~--> p H o W = weight of slice = )'lH o EF H = T cos P- N sin p = 0 --> T = N Ian p o EF v = T sin p + N cos P- W = 0 or N Ian p sin p + N cos P = W and N sin' p + N cos' P = N = )'lH cos P o Area which shear force acts on = _L_ cos P N ~HLcosp o normal stress = a = (_L_) = (_L_) = yHcos 2 ~ cosp cosp Ifill ite Slope, No Seellage o Consider a unit width slice of soil on an infinite slope with a surface angle p. Since the slope is infinite, the side forces (F) are equal and opposite and can be ignored o get T Nlanp ~HLcosplanp . o shearstress=t= = = =yHcospslnp (co~p) (co~p) (co~p) o 'd= cd+"tan~, =c,+~cos'ptan~d =,=~cospsinp where'd. Cd and ~d refer to the "developed" shear strength required for stability o ; =cospsinp-cos'plan~d =cos'p(tanp-Ian~d) (="slabililynumber")
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Unformatted text preview: =cos'p(tanp-Ian~d) (="slabililynumber") o c, =~cos'p(lanp-Ian~,) o subslitute Cd =fs and tan~d = t~~~ where FS is a common factor of safely FS= c + lan~ ~cos' ptanp lanp o the crilical depth to the faifure plane (FS = 1. c > 0) . H c IS Cf = 2 ycos p(tanp-Ian~) o if c = 0 then FS = tan~ and the maximum possible sfope angle p = ~ ("angle of repose") tanp mum possible submerged slope angfe p = ~ 01 IS su merae ensuslu FS= c tan~ '(Hcos' ptanp +--tanp then FS = tan~ and the maxi tanp o jf c = o if the s 'I' b d th b t't te '( for y in the above eoualions c so and Her =--,~--=---,-----y'cos p(tanp-tan~)...
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