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DF50 Settlement of Pile Groups o use t-z approach for single pile: load transfers to soil as pile deflects o difficult analysis for groups - load spread along length of pile but influenced by group action, use FEM programs, FLPIER, DEEP o approximate load spread for soil type, calculate settlement (FHWA Pile Manual, 1996): a) Toe Beuing PII .. In Hard Clay or In 8and Underlain by 80ft Clay \ \ ..-1H:2V \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Clay \--1H:4V \ Equivalent Footing at Depth 2I3D Settlement of Pile Group. Compr ..elon 0' Layer H Under Preeeure Distribution Shown. b) Pllee Supported by Shaft ReelltanoeIn Clay D I I I I " H I I I I I I 80lt Clay D T ::.::. :·«/~,,·:.; : ... :., . .:::. .. :.~';.\<""":~: H, ';' .::~. /","" tf.WQlly . .., . . ~~1H;2V t /,. ,'.; ·:.or.8and, '.: ,. ., . . ' . ., '" ,.. ~ '.' ,'1 •••• , • • H2 '=:tV 80ft Clay \::: Equivalent Footing at Depth D Settlement of Pile Group. ComPtelllon 01 LayelS H, and H2 Under Presaure Dlltrlbutlon 8hown.
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Unformatted text preview: l l " \ Clay l / D Clay EquJvalent Footing at Depth 8190 Settlement ot Pile Group. Compreulon of LayelS !oi,. H2. and H3 Under Preaeure Ola1rlbullon Shown. nOa Is Limited by Bearfng capaclly of Clay Laye,. c) PIlei Supported by Shaft Realatance In &and Underlain by Clay Equivalent Footing at Depth 2130 Settlement of PHe Group. Compression of LayelS H,. H2. and H3 Under Preaaure DIstribution Shown. d) Plies Supported by Shaft and Toe Reatatance In Layered SoD Profile Not8a: (1) Plan anNI of perimeter of plIe group . .. (8)(Z). (2) Plan BI8lI (BJ(ZJ -projecllon of BI8lI (B)(Z) at dapIh ba8ecI on 8hatw1 p88U8 cIIIrlbutIon. (3) For n1lldMlIy IfgId PJe cap. pr888UI8 cI8lIIIluUon Is 8lIIUm8d to vary wllh dBpd1a abcMt. 4 For II&xIhIe slab or of smaD eIasIIc 8OlulIon8....
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