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Circular Arc Analysis: SL8 Assume circular failure surface Draw free body force diagram Calculate driving and resisting forces (weight, loads, etc.) Sum moments about center of circle Determine required average shear stress on failure plane --. ... -----:'". ------ .. , , LenQth of Arc = AL F $" o if ¢ = a (clay soils, saturated) o if ¢ > a (clay-silt-sand mixes) then 1" = c and independent of cr'v then 1" = c + cr tan $ and must calculate (J along failure surface o Repeat the above calculations (many times) for different circles to find the circle that develops the most shear stress,
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Unformatted text preview: 'td, and hence has the lowest safety factor defined as: FS = ~ = C + crtancj> 'td Cd + crtancj>d FS = ( tancj> ) ~ tancj>d where Cd and $d refer to the "developed" shear strength required for stability o Note that if the c and $ strength are developed at the same rate then FS = FS, = FS, o In the absence of external forces (W w , W h and V) the shear strength Cd mobilized for a clay with a given combination of slope angle i, slope height H, unit weight y can be calculated s~(~~...
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