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SL10 o Taylor (1948) then added the chart below for $ ~ O. N, in lhis chart is the slability number required if the friction component, tan$, is fully mobilized (i.e. FSq. = 1 in the chart): H ~' and lailure art In Zone A. C.ilkal circle passes through lee and slability num~r· represented in chart by full lilIeS. DH H;D-l Case 3 Case 1 Case 2 DH(Case2) (B) T y~icll Cress section sh<l'Wing various cnes tonside~d in Zone B. ene 1; The m<>sl dangerous ollhe cirdu Pl'nini through Ihe too; repluented by lull lines in charl Wne", full linn donolap~ar, this cne is not appreciably dit/erent from Cale 2. <:aloe 2; Cfilicel circle passing below Ih~ IGe; ItP,_nlad
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Unformatted text preview: by Ions dashed lines In charl Where Ions dashed linn do not .ppe. ., the criticalci"le passes Ihrouilh the toe. Cne 3: Su,lIce 0' ledge or e strong str.tum 81 the elev.Hon 0' lhe toe (D '" I); lellresent~ by short dlShed lines In chart. 0.30 0.25 Taylor 2 for$~O° Note: T.aylor g,analysis ana chart is short term', for total slress. (There is Tfo consideration of s'eepage forces or. effective stresses.) ~0.20-;J l , • ~ :g 0.15 1;; 0.10 For9d=Oand1 <D<oo see Taylor 1 chart 'q,d,""O,D=¢ 0.05 o o 10 20 , 30 40 50 Slepe angle i 60 70 '0 90...
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