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SL16 Slope Stability by the Method of Slices a .Allows fOEoJLarlability ok-~ slope soils (not homogenous) o Also allows for seepage and external forces o Slope is divided into a series of vertical slices which intersect a trial circular failure surface o The bottom of each slice is straight line and contains only one type of soil: ;':::7:?'f~::'~} 8?~')) ~;';~~~~·')\»/:'XW:,:: 6 7 8 / I (/ Soil 2, c" ~" y, "' Soil 3, C3, ¢'J, "13 o Draw free body diagram of a typical slice i and show the forces acting unit thickness:
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Unformatted text preview: ~L, In general: U j = Water pressure force T, = Shear force N; = Normal effective force E i = Normal forces on side Sj = Shear force on sides W, = Weight of slice Oi = Inclination of slice failure plane .dXj = Width of slice ~L, = Length of slice failure plane FS = Resisting Moment = LM, Driving Moment L M o T j = 6.L j 't; = .6.L, (c; + d i tan$;) N i = .6.L i O"I and q = d Liu i = .1.L,Ywh o Too many unknowns :. must make simplifying assumptions . .......
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