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Soil 3, C3, $3, Y3 ,,$1,/'1 ! , SL19 Ordinary Method of Slices Fellinius (1927) o Assume resultants of side forces (E and S) are equal, opposite, and coincidental (therefore they cancel) R sin at o Resisting Moment: o Driving Moment: o Factor 01 Salety: onate: M, ~ LRT, = LR(c, +0', tan$,)Il.L, M, =RLC,Il.L, +RLN, tan$, M R = RLC j 8L j + R~)Wi cosa; -u j .1L j )tan1fli M o ~ LRW,sinu, = RLW,sinu, R"c.Il.L. +R"(W.cosu -u,Il.L.)tan"'. FS = .t. ... I ( L.... I , I 't', RLW,sinu, "c.dL. +
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Unformatted text preview: "(W casu· - u.Il.L.) tan"'. FS=L, I .t. ..., '" 't', LW, sinu, dL j = dX j / cos (Xi = .6.x j sec (Xi o If a < then sina < 0 and slice (W sin Ui ) subtracts from driving moment - which may be true near toe exit of failure circle. o Qrdinary method not widely used, learning tool only, too conservative, see Bishop methad, very con"servative fbr largel1e"gative a...
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