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205_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011

205_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 -...

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SL31 Rapid Drawdown o Short-term, effective stress, stability analysis using c' and ¢I' by Morgenstern, 1963 (using a cornputer!) o Useful for dams and dikes when the reservoir level is reduced o ,Conditi0n just after drawdown is oJten more critic-al than submerged o,r. n onsu bTTfE:rrl;fetl--eo ntt i tic ns H L Drawdown Water Level Original Water Level o Immediately after drawdown the soil is slill saturated (and heavy), seepage forces begin to develop, and effective stresses are still low c', $', y,,, , Slope i (or H:V) o Based on sirnplified method or-slices: o bomogenous s·<li!, fully submergea initially a embankment 00 rigid, jmnenneable base ,:~~:"':::::':;::';:':":::'::, Equipotential "'~ -r-z.~';;~;'~;:~~';J~';~:;·~'?;'~;:tJ;~~;;·t' '~N~~Line (dashed) o circular failure surface (;,~;:~;;;;t:;;;i;;;:~';;*;:;)(~;, II I ··d b i'1·/VN·,'N~I"r.-N'I'·Ni'~'~IN'" Flow Line a seepage para e to ngl ase, h~v"'~",,,~wN"Y'N"~N,v'N';'~'~w~ ~ (solid) equipotential lines vertical, ,~~~::'::::~'~ :'~~;:;~~"::~~~'::.~~:;~"':;~~': ~~:', h N ~'N,' ~ If" If,." 'If N~. N,. ~"'F~' "N. " ,', U = Yw where h is the height . .... "",~","""."~"""'N"),N",'''N"(,,,..:wd('N, of the f, ·11 above the po,·nt ~,",N"':~~~"If~~:"...,J~~")./~~')_N~~'''''N~)'~''''._~N'o'WN('N',., ~.', 'N""N',.W'·"·~')N'N'W""N~""·'~) ~'~"''''.·'·N~ ..
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