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213_CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 CEG 4012 Notes Fall 2011 -...

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SL39 Summary of Slope Stability Methods (or when to use what ©) Analysis Method Application(s) Limitations Cohesionless Soils (sands, c = 0) Inlinite Slope moist ('1m). submerged (i)' planar failure, same FS for seepage ('(sal), homogenous moist and submerged sands Cohesive Soils (soils containing clay or silt with c > 0) Infinite Slope moist (Ym). submerged (i)' forced planar failure for thin seepage ('(sal), homogenous layers on very long slopes moist (Ym). submerged (i)' forced planar failure Wedge (Cullman) for nearly vertical slopes, homogenous iterate for FS If $ '" 0 moist (Ym), submerged (i), iterate for FS if $ '" 0, Taylor charts homogenous, no seepage, short term* analysis, can circular rigid-body failure, (special rapid drawdown) be fully submerged moist (Ym). submerged (i)' Ordinary Method of Slices seepage ('(sal), external loads, non-rigorous solution, (Fellenius) non-homogenous profile, short or long-term analysis· approx. circular failure moist (Ym). submerged (i),
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