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SL40 Improving Slope Stability (What to do when FS < 1.5?) o Soil weight is generally the prime driving force, especially if wet but not submerged o Reduce driving forces: cut slope, reduce seepage, remove live loads and structures o Add resisting force: berms, piles, walls o Change borrow pit to improve properties of fill (can't do much about cuts) o Methods to improve slope stability (from McCarthy, 1998): r-- Removed ---. . soil Removed soil ,,~ " Benched slope Modilied slope ,.' Revisad slope (a) Slopes flattened or benched . , , , , , , , . - .. --' (b) Berm provided at loe (weight increases the resistance to sliding) ,. ,Crltics( , Slip circle--:: -.--_. Zone susceptible to erosion (wave aclion, ale.) il no prolecHon (e) Protection against erosion providod at toe Interceptor ditch for divertin~ surface lIow \ Lowered water·lable
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Unformatted text preview: Collector drains (perforaled pipe In gravel-tiltor envelope), Collecled water can be discharged below the loe by Ulilizing man-holes connected 10 transverse drains Install driven piles closest 10 slope tirst, back piles last, 10 reduce ellects of driving on slope's stabilily (d) Lowering or groundwator lable to reduce pore pressures in the slope (e) Use o'f driven or cast·in,place pllos Soil added/romoved if wall is uUlized .i , , .-~--' l , Building (f) Rolaining walt OR sheelpillng OR cylinder piles provided 10 increase resistance 10 sliding Shallow foundations or basement for buildings below toe Deep foundations or basemenl for buildings on lOp of slope (g) Plan for building design 10 aid slope stability...
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