cgs extra credit - Piracy 1 Why is software expensive It is...

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Piracy 1. Why is software expensive? It is difficult to predict the amount of software that is going to be pirated or stolen so you have to take that into account when selling it. Additionally, workers who develop the new software require high prices. 2. What happens when the pricing of software is controlled? People try to pirate the software so that they do not have to pay the price. 3. What is the issue of Privacy? Explain. It is much easier to find out information over the web. Passwords and other personal information can easily be bought, sold, and transferred. Identity theft is becoming more and more common and a problem. 4. What does Locksmith do and what is your opinion? It prevents the copying of a CD. I think it is necessary because there is a lot of theft by means of technology and this is a good way to combat that. 5. What is Freeware? Give examples. It is a free copy of a program. Examples of freeware include AvantGo, a software that saves condensed versions of web pages, and MedCalc, a program for medical calculators. 6. What does Pirating involve? Explain. Pirating involves illegally copying software without paying for it. 7.
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cgs extra credit - Piracy 1 Why is software expensive It is...

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