Finance DB2-2 - Part 2 I think Walmart's proposal to...

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Part 2 I think Walmart’s proposal to initiate a sustainability index on all of its products is both a commitment to ethical standards as well as a public relations tactic. On one hand, Walmart is an enormous corporation that affects many facets of the community, the environment being one of them. With the hundreds of thousands of products that they feature on their shelves, each one of these products has to be made in another factory. Each of these individual factories utilize various production methods, many of which, I assume, involve using products that have been taken straight from the earth (such as rubber, wood, etc.), or producing them using gas and electricity. Furthermore, these factories could potentially be harming the environment with pollution from their buildings and the fumes from their trucks that transport the goods from the factory to Walmart’s warehouses. Walmart recognizes the ecological toll of its products on the environment and I think they feel somewhat responsible. For this reason, they have implemented the sustainability index as a commitment to ethical standards. On the other hand, I think the implementation of this index is partly a public relations tactic as well. In the past,
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Finance DB2-2 - Part 2 I think Walmart's proposal to...

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