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Prior to reading the articles for this discussion board about America’s debt, deficit, and pending health care bill, I did not know much about the current enigma faced by our country today. I did know that unemployment, although the recession is technically over or almost over, is still reaching record highs. Florida alone has an 11.6 unemployment rate. Additionally, I knew that with the population in the United States getting older and with the government’s obligation to Medicare, it is going to be harder than ever to close the gap between spending and deficit. I also recognize the importance of being swift and decisive when it comes to coming up with a plan to tackle the deficit issue in America. As exemplified by the article titled An End to the Japanese Lesson , if we wait too long to come up with a concrete plan, we could be facing an even more prevalent and complicated economic problem in the future. Many are looking at President Obama to come up with something that will solve the problem before his term in the White House is over. However, I think we can only hope that the President can devise a plan
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