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SDS Midterm Outline - SDS 3481 Midterm 1 Review CHAPTER 1...

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SDS 3481 Midterm 1 Review CHAPTER 1 Ask journalistic questions when diagnosing drug usage. o Why is the drug being used? Vicodin prescribed for pain relief vs. Vicodin used for pleasurable feelings o How is the drug being taken? Chewing coca leaves vs. snorting cocaine o How much of the drug is being used? Two beers vs. ten shots of tequila Drug o Any substance, natural or artificial, other than food, that by its chemical nature alters structure or function in a living organism Psychoactive drug o A drug that specifically affects thoughts, emotions, or behavior Illicit drug o A drug that is unlawful to possess or use Deviant drug use o Drug use that is not common within a social group and is disapproved of by the majority Drug misuse o Use of drugs or chemicals in greater amounts than prescribed by a doctor, or for purposes other than, those intended by the manufacturer Drug abuse o Substance use in a manner, an amount, or in situations such that it causes social, occupational, psychological, or physical problems Correlate = a variable that is statistically related to another variable, such as drug use o IMPORTANT: Correlates are not causes o Socioeconomic status does not correlate well with drug use o Personality problems are poor predictors of drug use Antecedent = a factor that occurs before an event such as the initiation of drug use o Still not labeled “causes” o Examples of antecedents: Aggressiveness, conduct problems, poor academic performance, attachment to a drug-using peer group, etc. CHAPTER 2 Drug related toxicity o Examples of acute toxicity Behavioral: “Intoxication” that impairs the actions of drug users and increases the danger to themselves and others Physiological: Overdose that causes the user to stop breathing o Examples of chronic toxicity Behavioral Personality and lifestyle changes Effects on relationships with friends and family o Physiological Heart disease
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Lung cancer Cirrhosis Other health effects Drug Abuse warning network - A system for collecting data on drug-related deaths and emergency room visits at some U.S. metropolitan hospitals. o Cocaine o Alcohol-in-combination o Opioids o Marijuana o Benzodiazepines: sleeping aids Tolerance o Diminished effect on the body after repeated use of the same drug o The body develops ways to compensate for the chemical imbalance caused by the drug o Regular drug users may build up tolerance to the extent that their dosage would kill a novice user Physical Dependence o Physical dependence is defined by the occurrence of a withdrawal syndrome o Tolerance typically precedes physical dependence o If drug use is stopped suddenly, withdrawal symptoms occur, ranging from mild to severe o Physical dependence means the body has adapted to the drug’s presence Psychological Dependence o High frequency of drug use o Craving for the drug o Tendency to relapse after stopping use o
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SDS Midterm Outline - SDS 3481 Midterm 1 Review CHAPTER 1...

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