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Reitz Union Paper The Reitz Union activity that included bowling and playing pool with no arms, gave me a small-scale example of how difficult it is to live and participate in society with a physical disability such as missing limbs. In order to bowl, I had to constantly ask others to get the ball of the rack for me and place it on the ground so I could use my feet to set it into position and kick it towards the pins. I can imagine how frustrating and annoying it must be to have to ask someone to always help you with tasks that seem so easy and second nature to most people. And it wasn’t just the bowling that was hard, but when I saw other people “high-fiving” each other in celebration, it made me think of how upset disabled people who are missing arms must feel when they see something that they simply cannot do because of their handicap. Playing pool was also very difficult.
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Unformatted text preview: I had no fingers to place the stick in between, and no true means of guiding the stick to hit the cue ball exactly where I wanted it. Many times throughout the day, I found myself getting frustrated and wanted to quit playing simply because I couldn’t do what I normally could with arms. What I truly took away from this activity is how strong-willed and determined individuals with physical disabilities truly are. I know personally I take for granted the fact that I can throw a bowling ball, maneuver a pool stick, even turn a doorknob with my hands, and some people in this world cannot. However, they do not simply give up, but persevere on to enjoy all of the activities and opportunities life has to offer. I truly respect and admire their steadfast dedication and determination that they must use every day of their lives. Prada...
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