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Stereotyping In society today, there is often a negative connotation that goes along with being disabled. Many individuals that do not have a disability stereotype those that are disabled, and some are even prejudice towards or discriminate against those who have a disability. The ads work to combat some of the negative stereotypes, prejudices, or discriminatory behavior in a light and humorous way. One of the ads was of a female bunny rabbit in a wheel chair. Rabbits are of course known for producing many offspring at a time and this TV commercial was dispelling the myth that people with disabilities cannot have a love life. When the camera panned out, not only was the female, disabled rabbit in the frame, but so were her many children and “husband.” Another ad that I enjoyed was of a dog in a wheelchair that was talking about how people doubt what he is able to do just because he is physically handicapped.
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Unformatted text preview: He was attempting to ward of the stereotyping of people that think just because somebody is in a wheelchair, then they are not as capable of completing a certain task that someone without a disability is. This is a false cognitive belief, and the wheelchair-bound dog says that his new favorite quote is “watch me.” A third ad displayed discrimination and prejudice. It was of a chameleon that was “bullied in school” because of his lack of peripheral vision. He said he was hit in the side of the head and made fun of as a child because of his disability. However, he points out, that he developed a keener sense of smell and hearing to make up for his shortcomings. This is true of people with disabilities. They often compensate for facets that they lack in other areas. And of course, it is never right to pick on someone because of a handicap....
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