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Introduction Throughout my four years in high school, I volunteered at a residential living facility that housed the mentally and physically disabled. At first I was quite uncomfortable with all of the residents and their disabilities, but as I got to know all of them a little better, I began to appreciate how difficult it is to live in the world with a disability. While I do not know many specific details about disabilities, I have gathered knowledge about people with disabilities through objective observations while I was volunteering. I know that people with disabilities have the same feelings and emotions that people without disabilities have. I know that people with disabilities are often discriminated against. I know that people with disabilities face much more challenged that those without, which is why I have a great deal of respect of the mentally and physically disabled.
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Unformatted text preview: I have also learned that people with disabilities do not like to be categorized as such. Every person that I have encountered with a disability is aware of their unfortunate circumstance, but refuses to let that be a scapegoat as to why they can or cannot do something. The disability that I am most comfortable with is any type of mental disability. I find that I am able to talk to somebody that has cognitive disorders rather than physical ones. I am also quite intrigued by how some mental disabilities and how the brain can operate at such high levels for some individuals, and such low ones for others. The disability that I am least comfortable with is any physical disability. If somebody has a physical disability, it is important to always give physical care through actual touch and support. I do not feel so comfortable touching somebody as I do talking to them. Percy...
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