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Technology Paper One seemingly mundane task to able-bodied individuals is tying your shoes. However, for those with decreased finger dexterity, tying shoes can become quite a frustration and time-consuming obstacle. One assistive technology developed to help these individuals is shoelaces called coilers. Coilers are curly, elastic shoelaces designed for handicapped individuals who cannot use their hands sufficiently enough to tie regular shoe laces, or cannot bend down to reach their feet. Once the laces are put into the shoe, they are tight enough to hold it on the foot, but stretch to allow the foot to slide in and out without tying and untying. In order to enjoy recreational sports, handicapped individuals sometimes need assistive technologies to help them complete tasks that are too difficult due to their
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Unformatted text preview: disability. Even limited mobility sports, such as fishing, can be difficult for a person with limited arm and wrist movement due to paralysis, arthritis, or stroke. The Van’s EZ Cast is a one-handed fishing reel and rod holder that automatically lets out fishing line into the water so a person doesn’t have to physically cast it out. Then, it can also pull in the line to avoid grasping and reeling in. With the use of this, handicapped citizens have the freedom to fish by themselves without having to ask for aid when tossing out the line or pulling in a fish. Whether it is tying shoes or fishing independently, technology is drastically helping to improve the lives of the handicapped citizens of the world. And with technological advancements happening daily, it can only get better....
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