SPC2608 class debate speech

SPC2608 class debate speech - Cross X 1 Since Sudans...

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Cross X 1. Since Sudans president Omar al-Bashir, who is pro ceasefire, said that nations and aiding organizations would not be allowed into the area known as South Kordofan where most of the fighting is taking place, we wouldn't need as many troops as your past examples point out to fight. Do you still think we wouldn’ t have enough troops to send over to help with the ceasefire? 2. Is our country in much more debt than it was say 10 years ago when it sent thousands of troops to Iraq and had enough money to support that cause for a decade? 3. The most important aspect of keeping peace in other countries is learning from past mistakes. Do you not think we are more suited now to send troops over to other countries to keep the peace than we were in the previous examples you cited? Affirmative Rebuttal If you were to see the same two people fighting everyday for 20 years, even if they didn’t necessarily live in your neighborhood, wouldn’t you feel compelled to at least try to get them to stop fighting and restore peace? Of
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SPC2608 class debate speech - Cross X 1 Since Sudans...

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