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SPC2608 persuasive speech - I. Intro: If I were to ask...

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I. Intro: If I were to ask everyone in this classroom right now to take off your shirts and look at the tag to see where it was made, what would you guess most of them would say? Do you think the majority of the shirts would say “Made in America”? Probably not - unless everyone was wearing American Apparel, which by the way, reported a net loss of $86 million dollars last year according to the New York Times and may have to file for bankruptcy. No. The majority of your clothes would say “Made in China” on the tag. And it doesn’t stop at just clothes. Go to Wal-Mart or Publix or any other store selling just about anything and the majority of the labels will say “Made in China.” Anyone have younger brothers or sisters or cousins? If you are going out to buy them a Christmas gift I can almost guarantee you that the tag will say “Made in China”, because according to the textbook International Business by Peng and Crum, 75% of all toys sold in America are produced in China. While importing inexpensive goods from another country is beneficial to our consumers, it can be detrimental to our economy because we are buying more than we are selling. This is the case in China. As a senior finance major currently enrolled in International Business, I have done ample research comparing and contrasting the world’s two biggest economies – America and China. While America is in a debt crisis, China is saving up their money, the yuan, by keeping it undervalued. The undervalued yuan allows them to export their goods for cheaper than America’s, and forces us to buy their less expensive goods instead of producing or even exporting our own. If this pattern is to continue, America will never emerge from it’s debt, and China will surpass America’s economy and become the strongest economic nation in the world. In order to restore balance to the economic system and bring America out of debt, I am here to persuade you all to lobby your legislators to pass a bill, which has already been passed in the U.S. Senate, to impose tariffs on Chinese exports.
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SPC2608 persuasive speech - I. Intro: If I were to ask...

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