thurman essay - The Memory of Howard Thurman should be...

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The Memory of Howard Thurman should be honored at the University of Florida When an individual transgresses educational and societal boundaries, and helps to improve the quality of life for an oppressed group of people in our nation, he or she deserves to be recognized and respected. Such is the case with Howard Thurman. An educator, author, minister, and civil rights activist, Thurman worked tirelessly for the African American people, at a time when few had the courage to stand up against the malicious bully known as the South. For his valor, wisdom, and perseverance at one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history, Howard Thurman must be honored on a recurring and long-term basis at the University of Florida. Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Thurman was raised by his grandmother who was once enslaved herself. Growing up in the segregated south, Thurman witnessed the hatred towards his African American heritage. Every step he took was towards a new obstacle, but the optimistic Thurman continued to apply himself to his schoolwork and kept in mind his goal of self- enhancement and community progression. Thurman graduated from Morehouse College in 1923 as the Valedictorian and was ordained a Baptist minister short after. In 1932 Thurman became dean of the Rankin Chapel at Howard University (a historically black college) and served the position for twelve years. Thurman left the position at Howard in order to help institute the Church for the Fellowship of
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thurman essay - The Memory of Howard Thurman should be...

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