notes for assn 5 - RTM Rather, the assumption appears to be...

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RTM Rather, the assumption appears to be that the scholar of religion by virtue of his or her normative epistemology, theoretical acuity, and political knowingness, has the authority and the right to make the lives of others the objects of his or her scrutiny. both scholar and religious participants are involved in a consensual conversation. For Orsi, much as with Cantwell Smith, scholars risk presenting a false and thereby potentially harmful image of their research subjects if those subjects have not first signed off on scholarly representations (what I take him to mean by “the moral requirement of obtaining the consent” of those whom we study). Orsi – data “service to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding” can be a dangerous business. Courtright attacked for his book. Courtrights problem – insider/outsider Wendy Doniger (who wrote forewords to both Courtright’s and Kripal’s books) has observed that Hindu nationalists at least, it is asserted that “no one who is not a Hindu has the right to speak about Hinduism at all” BUT HINDUISM IS SO BROAD courtright says that his job as an interpreter and scolar is - Rather, it is to explore, probe, and imagine, using whatever approaches the content of the religious tradition and the tradition of critical inquiry call upon—even drawing on forms of interpretation that may not be indigenous to that tradition itself but may be illuminating and novel. Courtright – integrity of what they do must be protected To remain silent is to abandon our students and surrender ourselves to those who seek, through terror, to erase us I would argue that both Orsi’s work and at least Courtright’s early work are premised on the classic liberal humanist assumption, found all throughout the field, that scholars share a foundational commonality
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notes for assn 5 - RTM Rather, the assumption appears to be...

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