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PUR example exam questions

PUR example exam questions - appropriate experts in staff...

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PUR example exam questions - Which of the following is a key concept present in most definitions of public relations? A. Media B. Responsibiltiy C. 2way communication D. Bottom line - At what phase of the RACE process do we implement the public relations campaign? Communication - One of the key differences between journalism and public relations is that journalists try to remain objective, while PR people usually advocate for a company or cause. True. ((PR is concerned about internal and external audiences.)) - Which is considered the most ethical of the four public relations communication approaches? Two-way symmetrical - ______ are made up of small to mid sized independent public relations firms that partner together to increase their service offering and international reach. Network of Firms. When organizational policy requires that managers listen to public relations, or other
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate experts in staff, this is called a compulsory-advisory role or level of influence. ______ are any or all of the many groups that have a mutual stake in an organizations future. - publics All of the following are steps in the public relations process except – buying media time If you want to be a successful public relations professional, which of the following is a skill you need to have? Research ability, writing, problem solving, all the above!! An advantage of hiring a public relations firm is the depth of experience they will have regarding your organization. FALSE Which of the following is an example of an intervening public for the University of florida? The Gainesville Media....
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