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precis 2 - Precis 2 In this article the author claims that...

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Precis 2 In this article, the author claims that communication in the workplace can be greatly improved between employers and employees if the employer was to listen and have more one-on-one interaction with the employee. With the workplace becoming more stressful due to job uncertainty, layoffs, and lack of opportunity for salary growth, employers should be concerned with their workers’ happiness. As the author states, employers list customer service as an integral key to company survival, and better communication between boss and worker leads to a better business. A main point that was stressed in the case study is that the author found face to face interaction to be much more effective than emails or phone calls. The article sites Starbucks as the example, explaining that regional managers hold quarterly forums that are well attended by many employees of certain chains even though it is on their free time. Conversely, Starbucks
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  • Fall '08
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  • one-on-one interaction, employers list customer, comfortable two-way communication, online suggestion program, A. Vander Houwen

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