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Duchon, Dennis, and Donde P. Ashmos. "Spirituality at Work: A Conceptualization and Measure." University of Texas at San Antonio, June 2000. Web. <http://bus.utk.edu/mgt/faculty/personal/plowman/documents/JMI2000.pdf>. In this article, the authors created a long-term goal of understanding how spirituality can contribute to more productive work organizations. They claim that there is a major transformation in the work world, referred to as the “spirituality movement,” where organizations that have long been viewed as rational systems are now making room for the spiritual dimension, that has increasingly less to do with rules and order, and more to do with meaning, purpose, and sense of community. The authors believe that the increasing spirituality in the workplace can be due to four trends in society: the downsizing of companies and layoffs that demoralize the workers, the increasing view of the office place as primary source of community, and increasing curiosity of practices
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Unformatted text preview: such as Buddhism and Confucianism, and the growing contemplation of life’s meaning because of the aging baby boomer generation. The study used a questionnaire that was administered in four hospital systems in four different cities, using approximately 700 participants (74% female). The survey asked participants questions about three different circumstances. Part one addressed their attitudes about themselves and their immediate work environment. Part two addressed their attitudes about how their work unit functions. Part three addressed their attitudes about their work organization as a whole. The study intended to develop a conceptualization and measure of spirituality at work. The empirical evidence found by factor analysis from the survey supports the idea that spirituality in the workplace involves inner life, community, and meaningful work....
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