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Spirituality article 2 - Rossiter Graham"The Shaping...

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Rossiter, Graham. "The Shaping Influence of Film and Television on the Spirituality and Identity of Young People: An Educational Response." Australian Catholic University . Cardinal Clancy Centre for Research in the Spiritual, Moral, Religious and Pastoral Dimensions of Education., 1996. Web. <>. This study claims that television can have a formative influence on the spirituality and identity of not only children and adolescents, but also adults as well. The narratives that lie beneath the images we see on television and movies are embedded with various life values inserted by the scriptwriters themselves. Instead of looking for empirical evidence linking the watching of film/television and human behavior, this study looks at the form and function of the media and at the purposes of the filmmakers in influencing the audience’s spirituality. The study points out that while commercial feature films and television drama/sitcoms do not have the same intended moral influence as propaganda films and documentaries, they too serve as a source of material that is drawn on by
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