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Martin, W. . Seeking through the small screen: Television as a resource for negotiating and constructing personal spirituality. Diss. University of Ottawa (Canada), The author of this study states that a major change in North Atlantic societies’ religion is the fact that most people do not constrict themselves to one said religion. Rather than adopt the guidelines provided by religions that were created thousands of years ago, people today adopt their own beliefs based on a mixture of ideologies and secular ideas in order to create a “religion” and spirituality that fits their needs and liking. But the question this author poses is, how do people form these beliefs? What drives their desire to adopt one ideology and not another? The author’s study attempts to point out how television functions as a cultural resource for constructing one’s personal spirituality and
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Unformatted text preview: religious belief. For the study, the author used thirty participants and conducted interviews about how these individuals describe the relationship between their spirituality and their television viewing. Using the research found in the in-depth interviews with the research subjects as well as previous studies done, the author interprets spirituality as both a “product and a process.” After conducting the study, the author proposes that television plays a role in the process but not necessarily the product. Television gives the individual a platform in which viewers are able to explore a variety of spiritual themes, topics, and issues. The author states that new shows and the readily availability of television to individuals allows us to continually re-shape our ideals and spirituality and fosters the ever-changing views of religion as a whole in the North Atlantic societies....
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